Laser Therapy

An efficient and effective way to achieve skin rejuvenation.

In our dermatologist's hands the laser is a safe, efficient and effective way to achieve skin rejuvenation and improve sun damaged skin. At Green Square Dermatology, we have IPL-SQ which delivers targeted light energy to targets the skin uniformly and safely for treatment of facial pigmentation and redness as well as fractionated lasers to improve facial fine lines and acne scarring. lPL-SQ can be combined with photodynamic therapy to treat and prevent pre-cancerous sun spots.

  • Scars come in all different shapes and sizes and some can be improved by laser. Our dermatologists will assess the nature of your scar and offer the best options of management. Most scar treatments take a series of treatments and improvements are seen over a period of time.

  • The effects of resurfacing laser can be dramatic when targeting fine lines and wrinkles. With newer fractionated laser therapies, available at Green Square Dermatology, these cosmetic benefits can be obtained with less downtime and are becoming a very popular treatment.

  • From small red spots to a bright red face, vascular laser and light therapies can be very effectively treated by our dermatologists. Treatments are individualised depending on the amount of downtime tolerated and number of treatments required.

  • Our IPL-SQ system is a great introduction into cosmetic therapy for patients who would like to address facial pigmentation and redness with minimal downtime. Pigmentation can be removed on the face, chest, neck and backs of hands resulting in a refreshed, but not overdone, appearance.