Have you met our new addition, Totoro?


It’s not unusual for our Dermatologists to receive small gifts of gratitude from our patients. Most gifts from patients are a natural and innocent gesture of goodwill from an appreciative patient, motivated by gratitude or cultural customs.

Today we received a (very large) Totoro plush toy from a patient, which is actually pretty awesome considering we are big Studio Ghibli fans. In fact this Totoro is so big he won’t even fit into a normal-sized chair.

Our patient explained that they didn’t have enough room to keep Totoro and they couldn’t bear selling him to a stranger on Gumtree or eBay. How could we refuse the responsibility of providing this pre-loved icon with a happy home.

Totoro + Baby at Green Square DermatologyTotoro relaxing at Green Square Dermatology

If you look at the wall in the above pictures you’ll see part of a Studio Ghibli mural which decorates our Administration and Kitchen staff areas here at Green Square Dermatology.