Community perceptions about the use of black salve


Authors: Joshua J. Clark; Alexandra Woodcock; Sarah D. Cipriano; Mark A. Hyde; Sandra L. Edwards; Caren J. Frost; Mark J. Eliason
American Academy of Dermatology, October 2015


Black salve describes a group of products that contain the escharotic agents zinc chloride and sanguinarine. Despite numerous side effects and a lack of predictable response, individuals continue to choose self-treatment of benign and cancerous skin lesions with black salve in the place of conventional medical therapy. To understand the factors that patients consider when choosing black salve, we surveyed 340 adult patients in primary care and dermatology clinics. Follow-up interviews were performed with 18 of 23 subjects who reported using black salve.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.jaad.2015.10.016